Travel Information

Travel Information

Information on Services

Tickets are nonrefundable and may require a penalty for new reservations, there nontransferable and can be used up to a year of date of the ticket. 

Travelers 18 or older need a government issued ID for security and must match bearer of ticket. 

Passports are needed for international travel and some may also require visa. 

Check with airlines within 24 hours of travel. 

Baggage fees are imposed, and they are $25 for first bag and $35 for second and passengers may have 1 carry on and personal item. 

Check in online can happen within 24 hours of travel based on ticket number on the plane ticket.

Passports are needed to travel internationally. 

Check the TSA website for more.

TSA Travel Tips

Following regulations help eliminate time at security. 

No prohibited items and read the requirements.

Valuables are to be on carry on only. Make sure your business card or tag is on bottom of computer. 

No metals on metal detector so avoid clothing and jewelry that have this on the detector. 

Make declarations with certain item like guns and firearms. 

Contact TSA for a lock for locking baggage. 

No flammables. 

For gifts unwrap beforehand and afterwards. 

Boarding pass and government issued ID need to be out. 

Items to be in clear bags include mobile devices, keys, money clips, jewelry, hair decorations, belts and outer clothing.

Cruise Safety & Tipping on Cruise

Cruise Ship Safety

Only people on cruise ships are those authorized only, and cruise ships are secure 24/7. 

Guest need to feel safe and take security protocol with belongings and with screening measures. 

Embarking and disembarking only after security. 

Guests are given an ID for entering and leaving the ship. 

Security crews are on ship and follow federal and state guidelines. 

Foreign crew members need a VISA for entry to US. 

Cruise lines operate and abide by international, federal, and state guidelines.

Tipping on Cruises

This is becoming a thing where it is considered an automatic tipping program. 

Cruise ship tipping varies from differing cruise lines. 

Check your cruise line for details

Cabin Types

Inside Cabins

Small in nature and don’t have windows but can watch TV. 

They have beds, bathroom with shower, safe, television and limited storage and sleep two to four people.

Oceanview/Outside Cabins

They are like inside cabins but have windows.

Balcony Cabins

It has a private balcony and veranda, has room service, and quite a price tag.


Basically, it is a room that divides into 2 parts via a curtain, has a couch and chairs, and a tub/shower combination.


Are basically 2 room suites, luxurious, with hot tubs, plenty of amenities, large space, and may qualify for extra perk from the cruise lines

Travel Related Illnesses

Illnesses may arise when you travel and may include Motion Sickness, Extremes Heatstroke/ Hypothermia, Dehydration, Allergies, Arthritis, and Diarrhea.

Reasons to Choose Us

We can arrange all international and domestic travel and provide guidance to insurance, passport and VISA assistance, vaccine help, and other foreign travel necessities. 

Also, we can provide help with specifications with seating, rates, and so much more.